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  • Patternless

    Hey guys I have a patternless pair I'm working with. The female has no visible pattern unfired and when fired u still can't see but just a faint mark or 2, she is very light tan. The male is patternless with a few dal spots here and there mostly on top his head. The male is a darker tan with very beautiful well defined portholes,white fringe on the back of legs and gorgeous blushing. Are those traits likely to pass over?

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      WOW!! I really like the female!!
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        God: "Ahh.... it's my favorite past time again, putting life into crestie eggs!"

        God: "Hmm...lets do a yellow tiger, an olive bi-color flame with some portholes, maybe a nice brindle with a cute little spot on his nose..."

        Angel: *pipes up* But God, look at the parents! They are patternless! That doesn't make any sense!"

        God: ........

        God: Quiet you!

        God: ... ooo! A yellow tiger with a cream dash down his back and little brown toes! Yes!


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          You will get whatever hatches out of the egg, and from the looks of things, often that can be rather random. Crestie genetics are still a mystery... Like a box of chocolates where the label on the back got idea what you are going to get.


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            I really like the male. But, yeah, as other posters have said, prepare to be surprised! Chances are that you won't get any pinstripes out of these guys, but you may well get harleys and/or dals. As for the blushing trait, it has not been looked into as much. I have right now 4 youngsters out of a pair where the mother blushes and the father does not, and it seems that about 2 of them are blushers (though they only do it once they reach a certain size and lose their baby colours, so maybe some of the others are capable of blushing but I haven't seen them do it yet).
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              It's hard to say without knowing the parents genetics of the two geckos you have here.

              Perhaps you remember punnet squares in biology. Lining traits in punnet squares will allow you to make reasonable predictions but still with a wide range for unexpected results.

              I have a pattern less female and bred her with an extreme yellow/orange/peach harlequin and got both pattern less and harlequin offspring. It's impossible to say for sure though what you will get.

              My guess would be some will keep the pattern less traits and depending on genes, dalmatian spots to appear as well on some.


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                Cool thanks guys... I keep all of my babies and its mostly because I just love there colors. Recently out of 4 eggs from the same pair I got a light tan with cream and orange flame, a orange tiger with dal spots, a chocolate and cream Harley and a chocolate and orange chevron Harley .... With 4 more eggs from this pair I'm super excited to see what's next.... As for these guys I'd love whatever I get I was just curious thanks


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                  You should post pictures!


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                    Yeh I breed two dalmatiaons and came out with 2 stunning Harleys, Go figure! Their isn't a spot on either of them yet and the Parents are Almost Super Dal's. I love the mystery of what you get. Makes for more fun with Breeding. Cresties are on God's Good Humor in my opinion.
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                      Um I have a quick question, where did you get the patterless male because I have a female that looks pretty identical to him