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Good cooling/heating incubator?

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  • Good cooling/heating incubator?

    So I'm actually going to be using this for leopard gecko eggs, not cresties (since I've tried with the single male I have and he just doesn't seem to get what females are for...I'm more of a leopard gecko breeder anyways). But I need an incubator that can cool as well as heat, so I've decided to ask the crestie community for some suggestions. I was looking into a ReptiPro 5000/6000, and have seen mixed reviews on it. I'm definitely stearing clear of the ExoTerra which is similar. I've heard too many bad things about it, and nothing good.

    What incubators does everyone here use? What problems have you had with previous ones? What would you suggest?

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    I have also read tons of mixed reviews on the heat/cool type fridge incubators. Have read great results from certain brand wine coolers. Might not work for you since low 70s is as high as they go.


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      So far from tons of reading BOTH the exo terra and the reptipro have issues. I went with Exo Terra and had to return it and the replacement. First one Failed within the first week of being used. The second one (replacement) failed after only being used for a few months. I powered it up for this season and it malfunctioned after only a few days of being on. This time though it was a different kind of failure. The cooling wasn't working. First time it was over cooling lol. Here's the link to my thread on the first failure:!&highlight=

      Honestly I'm not going to bother with any more of the cooling incubators until they figure out the issues. I put in a new air conditioner in my bedroom to keep it cool in here for my eggs and it's working. I fear too much for my babies to put them in one of those incubators again after having them fail twice and could have destroyed my eggs if I wasn't paying close attention. However, if you choose to buy one anyway, Exo Terra was more than willing to refund the full purchase price even though they no longer distribute these. So you should be covered as far as the cost of the incubator goes as long as it's under warranty. Good luck!


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        I'd love to know an answer to this too. This is my first season breeding cresties. Right now I have a hovabator just to keep the eggs at a constant 72 degrees during the winter. But I live in California and our summers get HOT and my house gets too hot for crestie eggs so I need an incubator that can cool as well as heat before the summer comes rolling in! I've been looking into the reptibator and the reptipro but there's pros and cons to both of them. I was thinking of making my own but I'm scared I'd mess it up and probably would spend too much money when I could have just bought one. I have a wine cooler but the warmest it gets is 67 /: ha
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          i've been looking into the wine cooler idea too for summertime but kinda afraid of failure or something going wrong. this will be my first year to have eggs during the summer months. glad i am in the pacific northwest though but still i am trying to plan ahead. hope my air conditioners will do the trick enough to keep the coolness factor in place.
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            I have the zoomed reptibator. I can't really say to much yet as I just got it and can't figure it out. I have it at 72degrees and for some reason it keeps changing to 80. Does any one else have this if so what are your temps at so I can get it rite.


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              You might be better off looking into a portable type a/c unit to cool a room and then use a regular incubator. I was looking into the same thing and the reviews are so mixed it seems like a waste of money. At least with an a/c unit you'd be able to get some benefits too.

              I'm planning on getting a wine cooler this year, I had no problem with my leopard gecko eggs last year but lost all my crestie eggs to the heat.
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                I bought a Danby 6 bottle wine cooler and so far, it seems to be doing well. I don't have anything incubating, but I have it powered on, set to 69F, and have been watching the temperature. Can't wait to see how it does when I finally get some eggs!
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                  After using the hobovator for 5 years and putting it in the basement for the summer, I finally got a reptipro5000 3 years ago and last year got another from craigslist. In general mine have been good to me. The power supply on the first reptipro failed after a season, fortunately for me, during the off-season, and the reptipro people replaced it. It's functioned with no problems for 2 seasons now (and my off-season seems to have disappeared).
                  There are 2 temperature issues that are relatively minor:
                  1. The temperature displayed on the readout measures the temp somewhere in the incubator but not necessarily in the egg box. I have a digital thermometer inside the incubator with the probe inside the egg box (I use the SIM and the soft plastic lid tolerates a probe wire) and use the temp readout on that to "program" the incubator.

                  2. As far as I can figure out, when the ambient temperature varies a lot, to the point where the incubator has to switch from periodic heating for maintaining temp to periodic cooling for maintaining temp (or vice versa), sometimes it seems to take more time to make the switch than I'd anticipate. Mostly this means that if the temp changes 20-30 degrees (usually this is an issue with heat wave since I do have heat in the house but no AC) I have to watch the temps carefully and temporarily set the programmed temp up or down a few degrees.

                  I'm running 1 incubator at about 84 for leopard gecko, AFT, Coleonyx (and one day, I hope L. williamsi) eggs and the other incubator at 74 for garg eggs.