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My female will not lay fertile eggs

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  • My female will not lay fertile eggs

    One of my female cresties doesn't seem to be laying fertile eggs. My other two are laying fertile eggs them just fine but this certain female lays 'empty', dented eggs. She gets the same treatment as the rest so she is fed the same as the others (CGD) and gets a very low wattage of UV light about 10 hours a day. She's three years old and is pretty big (50g). She's active, eats like a horse, has good humidity (50%) and good temps (68-73). About 3 weeks before she laid her last duds, I saw her mating with the male, so I know he is doing his part. Don't get me wrong, if she can't lay fertile eggs, she is still a wonderful, sweet pet, but I am more concerned that the eggs are a sign of a more serious problem for my little lady. I have her last clutch incubating with the others just incase (perhaps the dent can pop back out?) but this is her 3rd clutch that did not look like the others (white, perfectly round). I haven't candled them yet, but I am assuming it will be like her other past eggs, empty. I have two ideas that may be valid as to why she may not be laying fertile eggs, but I would really like a second opinion. 1) Although right after I saw her mating I decided to give them a cooling period, it has been winter time here for the past few months and perhaps she naturally won't lay ferts? 2) This is her 1st season being with a male, maybe that has something to do with it? Interestingly on a side note: the first egg she ever laid was obviously infertile as I knew she was not with the male yet, just around him, but it was laid and looked very healthy, I incubated it out of curiosity and it developed like a fertile egg! It expanded, got stretch marks and even started to sweat at around 70 days! I was about to change my lady's name to "Mary" as in the Holy Virgin,but then I saw mold at about day 85 and her name remained the same Sorry for the lengthy post, but I would like to know what's going on with her, and as to why she may not be laying good eggs. Thank you all, as always!

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    I'm no expert, but IMO it sounds like it's maybe because it's her first time..I hope someone else comments to confirm or help you out further!


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      I hope that's it. I hope it has nothing to do with calcium or worse. Thank you for the input!


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        I wouldn't stress too much about it yet. Both of my females last season laid infertile eggs their first clutch, and after that did great the rest of the season. The first clutch or two might be this way for her first season. If its been less than a month since you introduced the male that would be especially true. Give it another month or two and check the next clutch. Also, candling within the first week wen should give you a pretty clear answer on fertility.
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          First-timer and early in the year... I wouldn't sweat it much.
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            I agree,first timers will often take a few tries to get it right. The first eggs were infertile, but from the description, the new eggs sound like good eggs. My guess you might have a surprise when you candle them
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