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  • Dad x Mom or Mom x Dad?

    How do you list your breeders, or parents of a gecko - dad x mom (male x female) or mom x dad (female x male)? I've noticed that with cresties especially a lot of Pangeans list females first, mom x dad style, and I'm just curious why or where that started. (My only guess is iherp? I know they list females first for parents...) The reason it seems strange to me is because in mammals, you always list dad x mom. I'm especially familiar with this in horses, but know it is the same for dogs, etc. The sire is always listed at the top of the pedigree, the dam at the bottom. Personally, even though I may be in the minority, I've kept with this trend because it's what I'm used to, and I list my males first. I know there are a few out there who do like I do. So just wondering, what do you do and why do you do like you do?
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    I think it pertains to preference more than anything


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      I can see it going either way. I typically notice it being "nicer"/more well known gecko x whoever has the good fortune to have sex with said gecko :P typically in mammals the male is the nicer or more well known. *shrug*


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        i list the parents as dad/mom. you're not the only one.
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          I don't really care which way they're listed... I don't follow horse/dog circles and didn't know there was a preference. While I understand there's the 1.2 type listing where 1 is males and 2 is females, I don't carry it over to showing pics/listing parents. So generally if I list them it's "whoever's first in the picture" or whatever.

          When I sell babies, since it matters to some people, I do say "dam is x, sire is y" though, so people know which is which.
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