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Gecko ate a cat hair

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  • Gecko ate a cat hair

    So I was doing my rounds and when I was handling one of my 13g kids, I noticed a cat hair stuck to his vent. So I went to get it off. Nope. Not stuck to. Stuck IN. *sigh*

    I am just hoping someone else has had this issue before. Current plan is just to check back in a day or two to see if a poo has taken the hair with it. This gecko doesn't eat a whole ton and doesn't poo often, so I'm not sure how long this will take.

    Are there any gecko laxatives to help speed up the process?

    There's no real way for me to know how much hair is still in there. It's a hair from my boyfriend's maine coon mix, so it could be a couple inches, but looks like it is one of the 2" ish ones from his beard. There is about 3/4" sticking out his vent.

    I swear my geckos do this just to watch me stress.

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    Olive oil. Had a scare with one of my geckos eating hair. Dabbed olive oil on her nose for a few days and it helped her pass it.
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      One of my geckos ate one of MY hairs before. I found a 4" hair hanging out of his vent. I tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. I gave it a few days, and by the second or third day it was gone. So maybe just try the wait and see approach for now.
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        I wouldn't try treating it just yet. It's hard to say whether home remedies like olive oil or mineral oil actually help or if these things will just pass on their own. I've been given cat hair ball treatment (laxatone?) for internal blockages for larger lizards. If the hair is still there after a few days, I recommend a vet trip. Sometimes home treatments interfere with vet prescribed treatments.
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          DO NOT PULL. A twisted-up kitty hair could shred your gecko's insides if you try to pull it out. I've read several threads here where folks have had this happen to them, and the hairs have come out on their own with the gecko's bowel movements. In the words of Blue Jackal, "This, too, shall pass."
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            It did pass Thanks for the tips everyone!


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              I've had geckos eat cat hair . . . it's almost inevitable in my house. They've all passed it fine, but I keep an eye on them. Normally I find it all coiled up in their poop. >.>
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                Hank had a kitty hair in his vent one day, I didn't notice it was stuck in there til I grabbed the end of it, thinking it was just on him. Luckily all our cats are short-haired. He started walking away from me, because clearly I was doing something annoying, and it came right out, no problem. I was super worried when I did it that I might have damaged something internally, and will certainly check to see where both ends of the hair are before grabbing in the future!

                Glad to hear it's a semi-common problem!
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