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Bi-colored eyes?

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  • Bi-colored eyes?

    I recently noticed that one of my juvies @ 3g's has one normal looking eye and one red I've seen the thread about wedgie and everyone's responses but was just wondering if anyone has come by any new info on this as I have no idea if its hereditary or an injury it lives in its own KK and is on paper towels any thoughts are appreciated
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    Oh my gosh I am sorry but I have not seen this. I hope others chime in
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      Monitor it. may have bumped it's eye on something, irritating it.


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        Wedgie's eye looked to be the result of physical trauma.

        I, too, have a young one with heterochromia. I was told that my little one's eye might be a result of injury and to report back in a few weeks. After several weeks there was no change in its eye so I believe it is likely to be natural.
        Yours looks like it's vision is probably fine but it never hurts to ask, how is it's vision? Do both pupils react normally to light? Any cloudiness in the pupil?
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          It's pupils react fine and there is no visible cloudiness it seems to see everything just fine especially crickets or fingers I thought it was an injury at first but it's been through a shed since then and there's no reduction of redness I'm not in immediate concern about its health as its just as crestie like as all my others and honestly I think is pretty cool looking but was just curious as to what everyone else thinks of this