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Shedding Issue- unsure of eye area

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  • Shedding Issue- unsure of eye area

    Hi all,
    I got this girl about a week ago so I have been trying to let her be, but noticed that she is spending A LOT of time in her humid hide. So I decided I better give her a once over, and sure enough she had what I thought was stuck shed on her nose. This was yesterday-I figured I would give her the night to get it off, since she was utilizing the humid hide. Well tonight it was still there so I gave her a sauna and proceeded with the q-tip to help the shed come off. I quickly discovered that it was actually just the beginning of her shed- the whole body needed to come off. ?. I have rarely caught my geckos shedding so for it to be coming off on just the tip of her nose for 2 days seems strange. Also the shed on the nose when compared to a normal shed is "glassy", like stuck shed usually is. I got the shed going, but when it came to her eye balls I shuddered and placed her back in her humid hide. I don't want to damage her eyes- so I thought maybe since it was up a bit more she could take care of it herself? As she is still adjusting I don't want to completely freak her out.

    So after that very long explanation my question is- if this isn't resolved tonight would you pull it over her eyes? It seemed very loose until I got to the eyes. I attached pics to help you judge the situation. Thanks for any advice. BTW she does have a rock in the enclosure to rub on that is about a medium grit sandpaper texture, humidity is fine.

    Sorry I don't know why the last two are flipped
    Click image for larger version

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    She seems perfectly fine to me. My gecko will usually look ashy a day or so before she sheds. And yes, the shed around the nose will have that glassy look compared to the rest.
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      I would be very cautious/advise against removing stuck shed from the eye yourself. Last time I was at my reptile vet, he was telling me about how many damaged eyes he had seen on snakes from people trying to remove stuck sheds that were'nt ready to come off. I would assume it would be similar for geckos. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but just a word of caution.


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        I appreciate the advice. Anyone else have a similar experience? How long would you give her to remove it herself? .


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          Thankfully she managed to get mostly shed last night by herself- aside from a leg. It looks loose though so I am going to give her another night to get it done so that I can hopefully not stress her more than she already is. Thanks for all the help guys.