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Really good wine chiller incubator for 68-72 F

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  • Really good wine chiller incubator for 68-72 F

    I just purchased a Danby Maitre'd wine chiller from Walmart, and it has a programmable temperature range of 39 - 72 F. It is a solid build and it is maintaining a constant temperature of 69 F within less than a degree. Very impressive temperature control for a unit that is only $70.

    Here it is:

    Since the trays are meant for holding wine, they are curvy, so I placed plastic lids over top of the trays to create flat surfaces. Then I put the eggs in a small plastic container with vermiculate on top of the trays. Really pleased with this considering the Exo terra incubator has gotten really bad reviews and other mini fridges usually can't maintain any temperature above 66 F, which is too low.

    It has been suggested that incubating rhac eggs at lower temperatures may yield a higher proportion of females and as well that the increased incubation period at low temps may give rise to stronger and better developed hatchlings.

    Hopefully this will be a logical option for people wanting to experiment with incubation at lower temperatures.

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    Sounds like a great alternative to an incubator, since we really don't need high temperatures for these guys.
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      That sounds great especially for the really hot hot hot temps where I live. The AC is on but man, it still gets hot i certain spots in the house.
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        For even better value try shopping around at thrift stores for wine coolers. Before we updraged to a fridge we used a couple wine coolers and got them all for >$40. Wine cooolers work great!

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          I've been using this same cooler for about a month now and I love the hell out of it. Works amazingly and temps stay nicely cool!

          Curse you, Florida heat!
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            I have a spare wine cooler and have been thinking about using it for the very same thing.
            Sounds like such a good idea.

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              It works like a charm. A lot cheaper too.


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                I like the look of that! Especially for rhac eggs in those hot summers!
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                  I look this up but is currently out of stock. :/
                  Do you know any other wine chiller that you can set the temps up to 72F?