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Kess laid her eggs!!!

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  • Kess laid her eggs!!!

    SO EXCITED! Both look fertile too! (They're covered in dirt though. XD)

    But my friend's mom came over with their 2 week old baby Chihuahua Jasper(they breed Chihuahuas) and he was ADORABLE, tiny, sweet, eyes still closed.

    But she knows I had a gravid gecko and she wanted to see her, so I went to go get Kess. I couldn't find her and saw she was in her laybox! I opened the lid just so I could show her to her, and Kess moved, looking deflated! When she moved I saw EGGS!

    YAY! Day 57 since the first time she and Dagger bred. Not too bad!

    Gotta go wet my perlite in my GEO and get the eggs in there. ^^

    Anyway I can clean them off? They're so dirty. I think she JUST laid them a second ago though. Still excited and it was cool that my friend's mom, a fellow animal breeder, could be one of the first people to see my gecko eggs! Now the wait for them to hatch! XD

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    Question- how much water do I put in the GEO cup for the perilite? I just put enough in to get it all wet with just a tiny bit of water left in the bottom of it(I drained most of the excess out)

    Edit: One more question, after a female lays a clutch, is it normal for her to go right back into the lay box?

    I took the laybox out so I could get the eggs and left it out while I got the incubator ready and she was walking in that area looking for it, and when I put it back in, she went right back into it... she's just sitting on top of it now


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      Personally I wouldnt use a geo cup. It's more difficult to maintain a constant temp/ humidity in small containers. I use a shoebox size Tupperware container for my eggs. Also I use aquatic pond soil because it's much easier to determine the moisture level. If u stick to perlite just make sure you have squeezed all the excess water out.

      Congrats on the eggs!!


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        Ah, alright, so would a 6 qt rubbermaid work?

        I can always go upstairs and find a 15qt too if that would work better.
        And squeeze all the excess water out- got it!


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          in my experiences, if the gecko has just laid and you take the eggs before she finishes all that she wanted, such as placement or covering them with dirt, she will probably go back to the spot and sit there, or look for the eggs for a couple days, i remember when i just covered the bottom of the tank with dirt instead of lay boxes and I walked in one day to see my female laying and she hopped away, so I took the eggs out, well after I took the eggs out she jumped to the lay area and just kept on looking for the eggs and then after awhile she just laid there for a day or to, she looked so depressed, her expression kinda looked like the `these eggs were my babies and I failed to keep them safe` face, i felt so bad for her, so since then I got rid of the dirt, put in lay boxes, and I walk in to the rooms more settlely so I dont scare the female if she is laying, and I dont take the eggs until she hops out of the box and that I know she is 100% done with them,
          but normally after one of my females lay they do not go back to the last box


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            Awww, poor thing. :/ That's probably what Kess was doing. She just sort of lied in there for several hours. She's out of there now, but now I feel bad for her. XD I wasn't going to check on her anymore last night, but just so happens I did.

            Annnd incubator thing now... I filled a 15qt sterlite container up about half way with perlite and got that all wet so it wasn't dripping any excess water, took the little tray out of the GEO cup and stuck it in the bin. Think that'll work fine?(I guess we can always see) I don't know how I feel about putting the eggs directly on the perlite. XD
            And I put no holes in the bin, so once or twice a week just open the lid for like an hour to vent it?

            I swear I knew all this stuff before Kess laid eggs. Guess I'm just nervous/excited!


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              I just use a large tupperware container with super hatch in it. Congrats on her laying! My first timer also took 60 days before she laid for the first time! I'm glad she laid and all was well.
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                i usually let the females do their thing and move out of the lay box before moving them. i don't worry about them too much, but it does give the eggs time to dry a bit so the dirt brushes off them a little easier.
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