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    So i am getting all my paperwork organized for the 2012 breeding season and was curious as to what others use for their record keeping.

    Currently im using a yearly planner to record down when eggs are laid and pairings. For individual records i use index cards showing each geckos history from birth, monthly weights and general info.

    What do you use for your records?
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    I use a master spreadsheet in Google docs that I share with my bf so we're both aware of weights, eggs laid, etc. We can both add details as needed.

    The spreadsheet has multiple tabs. On the main status sheet, each gecko gets his/her own row and I record certain details in various columns:

    Ref# | Name | Sex | Color | Morph | Age & Lineage | 2010 notes | 2011 notes | 2011 Weights (12 cols for each month)
    ### | Zest | F | Yellow | Tiger | AC 2009 | 8 eggs; 4 offspring | Introduced Tigre 3/09/11... Laid eggs 4/18; 6/30; 7/30 | 45.5 | 47... etc
    ### | Bento | F | Tri | Harly | Pins X Uno 9/13/08 | Moved to breeding tub C 11/27/10 | Laid Eggs: 3/06, 4/01, 5/13, 6/20, 8/1, 9/1, 10/10 | 36.6 | 36.7

    I also highlight cells when I need weights or when a female is nearing egg laying so we can remember to check the egg boxes. It really gets hectic when you have lots of geckos laying. The only problem to a digital system is going to the computer to enter the data, requiring hand sanitation between each to avoid getting GERMS on the keyboard.

    When babies hatch I just put ? in the columns for sex & color. Usually I leave morph unless they are tigers or pinners (not a true morph but whatever).

    For this year I just copied the tab into a new sheet for 2012, removed ones I've sold, arranged by breeders, holdbacks and for sale. I also have tabs for future pairings/breeding plans and tabs for "For Sale" and "Sold".

    I'm sure there is better herp software out there but it's easy enough (and free) to use a spreadsheet system I can customize.
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      I keep notes on absolutely everything...pairing dates and dates of any eggs laid I will write on a calendar in our gecko room. The egg data is then entered into a spreadsheet with the following information :

      Clutch #
      Date Laid/Found
      Egg Number
      Date Hatched
      Went Bad/Thrown out
      Hatchling code (if hatched)
      Outcome (first thoughts and notes on what the gecko looks like, any problems, had to cut open egg, etc)
      Incubation duration
      Time Hatch
      Weight (g)
      Special notes

      I fill it all in as the season progresses. Yeah, it can be time consuming when we have so many geckos and eggs being laid and hatching, but it's worth it in the long run to see the patterns and know exactly what is going on with each animal in the "colony"
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        I've used a lot of different methods. Here are my 2 favorites:
        1. I have a little booklet of colored index cards thatare spiral bound. I have 1 book for my leopard geckos, which are my main breeders, and another book for all the other species. Each time an egg hatches, I record the designation, hatch date and color description. As the gecko changes, I take notes as desired. When I price it, I write the price on the card and also when it sold,for how much and to who.

        2. I use an engagement calendar and list dates of eggs laid as well as hatches in the appropriate space. I have a "master list" at the front of the book with date laid and clutch number and then I check off eggs as they hatch with the appropriate date or cross out if it didn't hatch.

        What I like best about both methods is the chronological aspect so I can find a gecko based on when it hatched.



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          love the ideas! thank you!
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 hell, i lost count.. Crested Geckos


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            I do record online on my website this year. Then people who want to buy geckos from me can see which groups the offspring come from and how they look. How big they are and soo on. I also take pictures of all the offsprings I hatch and put them on the page.

            I think it will give me a good overview of how my groups breed

            You can see it here

            Bent Jørgensen