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Genetic Retardation? Please help

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    Originally posted by Violoncello
    Yeah dog breeders and pet stores are getting crazy $$$ selling all of these mixed breeds for big bucks
    Originally posted by MiNuRvA
    Oh don't even get me started on the 'designer dog' fad
    It's not the crossbred dogs and cats that are the problem, though. Some of these crosses are genetically stronger then the contributing breeds: ie: "hybrid vigor".

    The real issues are with cats and dogs whose semi-lethal mutations are relentlessly inbred until the mutation is established in the genetic code. Breeds like the Cornish Rex and Manx cats, for instance. Not to mention dog breeds like English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, who are generally not capable of reproducing successfully without Caesarian sections. And SharPeis, who are often blinded unless they have neonatal surgery to correct infolded eyelids. Ditto Chihuahuas (sorry Matt, no offense intended toward your beloved pet), for which the selection for tiny animals has resulted in a breed with a statistically massive incidence of hydrocephalus. There are numerous other examples, but these are a few that I could come up with offhand.

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      another Special gecko decided to join the club. This one also has the swollen eye, oh fun!


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        palex is the female still laying, if she is i would cool her down and hopefully she can stop laying, so you can decide on a good course of action for breeding her, and than you can tell exactly what is happening, i wish you luck with these special needs geckos,and i hope you the best of luck with these guys.