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Help--Swollen eyes

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    Something like that is hopefully reversible but definitely needs attention from a professional. Do you already know a good herp vet in your area? If you don't, definitely call around to see who has the most experience with reptiles. If you call a vet and they only see non-exotic pets, ask who they refer exotic patients to. If several give you the same name, you're in business! I just mention this because sometimes non-exotic vets will agree to see a reptile, thinnking it will be easy, and then waste your time when they can't help. It's not super common, but it has happened to some folks on here in the past.
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      thank you so much!!! i'm really worried cause if she goes the other gecko will get ever so lonley, and she's sooo adorable with such a character, i only had them a month or so, do you think there is something i could be doing wrong?