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    The Odd Pet Vet
    500 Columbian st
    S. Weymouth MA
    Dr. Greg Mertz, DVM

    Attached the the new england wildlife center
    He is really nice and has good pricing policy's for an exotic specialist.
    "An exam fee is $65. If you have two of the same animal, the exam fee is still $63 (that is not a doubling of the fee, but a two for one offer). If you bring three animals or more, the cost is $23 per animal. If you have twenty of the same animal call us and we will work out an hourly rate."
    And all money made goes to the NEWC for the care of wildlife and training the next gen of specialist vets


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      Any texas vet recommendations? Mainly near the Fort Worth area?


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        Hi. Appreciate you posting these resources. However, (and I know this isn’t gecko-related), I saw Dr Singh for my dart frogs last December and he was absolutely clueless about what to do and ordered a slew of unnecessary meds which ended up causing more harm than helping them. He admittedly said he hadn’t seen many amphibians (even though his website says he sees them). I found more helpful info on the internet and from fellow hobbyists than from him. I felt he was dismissive of my concerns because my pets weren’t furry. I was told Dr. Singh was the reptile/amphibian specialist, but IMHO he barely gave my sick frogs the time of day, had poor bedside manner, and didn’t seem to know about well-known fecal tests that could be done. I’m not sure I’d trust him with my geckos. He may have more experience with other reptiles, but based on my experience, I’m steering clear of him.

        I’ll look into Curt Nakamura. Thanks for posting!


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          Just a follow up. Called Adobe Animal Hospital. Dr. N works at the South Bay location in Los Gatos. Read his bio and he seems very knowledgable - even does surgeries on reptiles. Next available appointment is a week from now. Thanks for posting this!!!