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    I have to say Dr. Horton was great to me and Bella (tokay with abscess in mouth). She's being seen right now :/

    Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital
    3735 W. Dempster St.
    Skokie, IL 60076
    iHerp: & Facebook Page:
    Correlophus ciliatus - 17.15.13
    Gekko gecko - 0.1.0
    Ambystoma mexicanum - 1.1.0
    Cynops orientalis - 0.0.2


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      Any good reptile vets in southern california?
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        Look here seavs
        All of them know what they're doing

        SEAVS (Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services)
        4105 Rust Road
        Fairfax, VA 22030
        0.2.0 Leopard Geckos
        1.0.0 Crested Gecko


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          There are some great reptile vets in Mesa, AZ!

          Dr. Funk is good, he's at VCA Mesa Animal Hospital 480-833-7330

          Dr. Johnson at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital (480) 275-7017
          Specializing in Crested Geckos
          Working with Uromastyx | Uroplatus | PI Chahoua
          Also keeping: Australian Shepherds (Chester & Sadie)
          Moon Valley Reptiles | MVR @iherp | Facebook


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            Anyone know a good vet in Ontario Canada? (south western/ greater toronto area)
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              Dewinton Pet hospital,
              412 Pine Creek Road De Winton, AB T0L 0X0
              (403) 256-7297

              Dr. Eva is really great with reptiles.
              0.1.0 Leopard Gecko[Hermes]
              1.0.0 Dog [Bert]


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                The Village Animal Clinic
                70 School Rd
                Voorheesville, NY

                Dr.McCarthy is the reptile vet at the clinic. He is amazing and has worked with reptiles for years. He's also great with exotic mammals.

                There are two other vets on staff, one is new and I have yet to deal with her. But the other vet Dr Cheever is an awesome vet for kitties and dogs. I've had great experiences at this clinic and they are VERY reasonably priced.
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                  Upstate South Carolina/West Spartanburg

                  HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic
                  740 Shoals Rd
                  Duncan, SC 29334


                  Dr. Wiltsie is more of the reptile vet (she also has cresteds of her own, which made me feel better) and Dr. Hurlbert is more avian.


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                    Avian Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis

                    9330 Waldemar Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268
                    (317) 879-8633


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                      Park Veterinary Centre in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Alberta

                      101 Broadway Blvd.
                      Sherwood Park, AB
                      T8H 2A8


                      3 reptile vets on staff, all excellent.



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                        Rochester, NY area
                        Dr. Heidi Licata, East River Veterinary Hospital
                        5152 E. River Road • West Henrietta • NY • 14586 • (585) 334-3110

                        Very highly recommend her!
                        She listens to her human patients very well in regards to species specific care, needs, and symptoms, and is incredibly caring and knowledgeable. She has helped me with my snakes and geckos, and even preformed successful hemipene amputation surgery on one of my beloved leachies.
                        Specializing in (but not limited to) R. auriculatus!


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                          If you are looking for vet in your area here is a list of ARAV members or you can contact the association for advise on where to go.

                          Like us

                          crested geckos, GT leachie, fire skink; snakes -BRB, variable king snakes, BP; frogs - M. nasuta, Ph. sauvagii, C. ornata, GABF; tiger salamander; tarantulas - Honduran curly hair and Mexican red knee, + 3 cats


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                            Moncton NB Canada

                            Ask for Dr. Cook, he knows his stuff, saved my leachie from a eye problem


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                              In Bournemouth, UK there is Natterjacks vet practice.
                              for any UK members in the south...
                              Rimbaud can be found at - if she feels like it!

                              Squiggle can be found surveying her kingdom, no website for this one though...


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                                Northern California/ North Bay Area

                                Montecito Veterinary Center
                                4900 Sonoma Hwy
                                Santa Rosa, CA 95409


                                Dr. Lynne Lankes is the exotics specialist. She's fantastic and has been treating my animals for years!! They do dogs, cats, birds, small-n-furry, reptiles, lots of critters. One vet for all my pets.