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  • Question??

    How do you make a picture of your crested small enough to fit in the avatar part?? I know it really has nothing to do with Crested's but I'm lost??
    Its geckolicious!

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    use some photo editing program to resize it....

    if you happen to be using Photoshop, like me, just click on image.... image size.... then change size by either pixels or percentage
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      If you don't have a photo editor, something free like Irfanview will do it for you in a jif. It's a nice little photomanipulator, easy to use, free to download. Nice quickie program.
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        Have to do it in a photo editing program. For example I resized mine in I Photo (Mac) .... you can use 'photoshop pro', or perhaps 'paint' ...on windows.

        Hope that helps.