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  • Anyone Used This Incubator?

    I've been searching around for a new incubator - I used to have a Nature's Spirit but I sold it last year thinking it would be a while before I need one again. WRONG! lol, so here I am looking for another. A couple months ago, this device was brought to my attention on another forum:

    It isn't huge, but the price is pretty unbeatable if it holds temps well. Plus, it cools and heats so it would work well for cooler incubating species such as the Rhacs if your house gets hot. Anyway, I kind of forgot about this thing until about a week ago when I saw the same product being advertised for way more by a reptile site:

    So far I've found two other reptile sites doing the same thing!

    Anyways, I'm thinking it might be worth a shot but wanted some input. I will be using this for ball python eggs and Rhac eggs mainly. Has anyone used this? What are your thoughts? and for fun, isn't it funny how the three other sites are charging so much more for the same product??
    Abigail McDufford
    Wallflower Herpetoculture / iHerp

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    getting one (or something similar) from another Rhac breeder, From what ive seen it works a charm, not sure how it does on snake eggs but im sure it will be great,

    good luck
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      Im going to buy one also, I just havent got to it. I saw that original site for 99 and I cant believe others charge so much haha.


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        Thanks guys and I know... some people will do anything to make a buck! I'm not paying $70-140 more for a sticker.
        Abigail McDufford
        Wallflower Herpetoculture / iHerp


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          I have been thinking about getting one of these too. LLLreptile makes one similar also. It is out of stock now though.

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            They are very similar to the one that I use, (I am in UK though) I haven't used it for my rhac eggs though as there isn't enough room inside for a lot of eggs. I have used mine for helmeted gecko and Strophurus Williamsi eggs this year and it worked just fine for those
            Here is link to the one I use
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              Thanks for posting this!! I have been looking for a mini fridge cuz I'm not allowed to keep my feeder insects and worms in the main fridge. Regular old mini fridges go for about $135 @ lowes... This thing will cost $113 shipped!! And it doubles as an incubator... sweet!
              Before I buy it I would love to hear if anyone has it and what they think about it.


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                I wouldn’t recommend to get too concerned with breeding, until you have already been keeping multiple snakes for at least a year. This will allow you to learn a lot and gauge if you really want to have a whole bunch of snakes in your house to care for, feed piles of rats a week, clean them all, take to them to unexpected expensive vet visits, etc..

                Plus, even if you do breed, it will be a long time before the first clutch hatches, so you have plenty of time to research and can worry about buying an incubator down the road, in the future.

                I have been keeping balll pythons for over 2 years now. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of research under my belt, I’m a 40 year old with my own financial resources, I have already spent well over $2000, in snakes, housing, and husbandry equipment. I have considerable experience in marketing, sales and business.
                ...Yet, I still haven’t quite started breeding. It’s a big commitment, to which I am preparing carefully.