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Some entamoeba questions

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  • Some entamoeba questions

    Hey everyone. I haven't been able to come on much due to so many goings-on in my life. As many know, I had an entamoeba outbreak in my cresties, and lost quite a few of them :-(
    I am working hard to make sure I do not lose anyone else. I had gotten prescribed Flagyl, and have been keeping the enclosures clean, and keeping a constant eye on everyone. I bought the e-fix food to keep on hand in case, after all this, I see any signs again in the future.

    I do have some questions that I can't seem to find the answers to about this disease.

    1.) My main concern- how long can Entamoeba Invadens live without a live host? Even with all my cleaning, what if some of the disease got on my desk, or in my photo-box, or even if I didn't clean the cage thoroughly enough and a few were left behind in a crevice somewhere...
    How long before the E.I. will die on it's own outside of a crestie?

    2.) Can it be transferred through the air, or only by actual contact through stuff like food dishes being swapped after washing, or using the same photobox, etc? I worry that it travelled through the air to my beardies and tokay, too, but I am hoping that since I don't handle them after each other that they are fine.

    3.) When is it safe to say you don't have it in your cresties anymore? Even after treatments, what if they get reinfected through something in their tank that had some leftover disease on in?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, but they are concerns I have. Thank you so much! This is a very difficut time.
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    Sorry for the hard time you are having. Entamoeba is nothing that anyone wants to deal with.

    I'm not so sure how long it can survive outside of an actual host, so be sure to keep things very very clean. Bleach, heat treat, freeze...whatever you have to do to kill the organism. They aren't bacteria or anything, so they won't become "immune" to cleaners and treatments that you use. As a precaution for the remainder of your colony, I'd use the E-fix once every 6 months. If you are't able to do least use it once per year. It doesn't cost that much as a preventative, and you might be saving yourself from big losses again in the future. Think about give heartworm pills and flea and tick repellants and everything to dogs and the least you can do is treat your geckos with E-fix at some point during the year.

    E. invadens can remain dormant in a crested gecko colony for years upon years and then just seem to show up out of the blue. Anything you may have received into your home that wasn't already treated could be a carrier. I know that sometime last year there was a big outbreak in E. invadens cases around the country, and I believe it all stemmed from one breeder providing a pet store chain.
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      Wow, did they ever pinpoint which breeder it was that sold all those infected geckos to the petstore industry?
      I remember seeing several geckos come in to area pet stores late last year/early this year that all looked sickly and poor quality to boot, (no crests to speak of so I stayed away).
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        I have 2 pet store cresties. One from Petco and one from another non-chain pet store I go to. Both of those cresties are still alive and well as of now though. Although it still technically could have originated in them and spread I guess?
        It is awful that quarantining doesn't even work since it can remain dormant for so long :-(

        I will keep up with e-fix treatments from now on.
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          Sorry to post twice in a row, but wanted to bump it and see if anyone has any info on the issues that haven't been answered yet.
          Does anyone know how long they live outside the host? How long would they have lasted in a tank, on a desktop, on my floor, etc.
          If they can last a long time, there are probably places that they can still be that I don't even remember the cresties going to. Especially since one had gotten out of her tank awhile back and who knows where she was crawling before I found her (thankfully the same day). And before the disease I would always have them out on my desk, in the picture box, etc.
          Is it possible that the E.Invadens can be alive in various places of my house and will just reinfect once I think its cured?

          4.4.10 Crested Geckos (Deku, Charmander, Zebes, Scampi, Gemron, Mocha, Tiramisu, Chozo, & the hatchlings)
          Eggs currently in incubation: 8