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    Poor Squishy. Don't let his death be in vain, if you get another crestie, you know how to properly feed them from now on, and can prevent and never have to deal with MBD again.
    I'm so sorry he didn't make it, but think of how much the little guy taught you while you had him, and wherever he is, he knows you cared for him. O
    RIP, Squishy.
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      I am very saddened to hear this but honestly from the shape he was in it may very well have been what was best for him. Take your comfort from knowing he is no longer suffering and remember we are here to answer any questions to help make things easier for you if you do decide to have another.

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        Although I haven't posted, I have been following this thread, and I am deeply saddened to hear of your gecko's passing. Saille is right - you certainly have learned a lot, and at least he is not suffering anymore. I commend you for your efforts in the end.

        RIP sweet boy.
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          Although it isnt suprising considering his condition he was in, you did your best to try to adjust his way of living and made a huge effort of getting him vet care. It is amazing how many people dont vet their reptiles. But I am glad you are one of those people that really do care. And although he did pass, it is a hard lesson learned and I do hope this doesnt steer you away from ever getting another one some day in the future. Little Squishy can now rest.
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            That is so sad to hear, but I know that you did everything possible. Along with everyone else, I commend you on being a responsible owner and taking him to the vet and caring for him. We all know that he was loved.
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              Oh Squishy, Im so sorry to hear. I totally agree with what everyone posted, and I just have to tell you I was trying to rehibilitate a mbd leo for months and it was so hard, the poor guy couldnt move and had to be hand fed and eventually I had to put him down. It might have been the best thing for poor Squish he didnt have to suffer.
              I too commend you on doing whatever you could to help him
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                My condolances

                I've been following this thread, but was at a loss of what to say, so never posted. I am very sorry that Squishy lost his battle. I also am happy to see that you made every effort you could, in taking him to the vet, and hand feeding, and making every effort to save him.

                I had a similar experience when starting out with reptiles - as I'm sure many others here have. As we start out into our journey with reptiles - we usually believe what we are told by the pet stores, and sadly their information seems to be more incorrect than correct. I would be willing to bet that a very high percentage of us here on the boards lost (or almost lost) our first reptile due to incorrect care information. My first was a chinese water dragon. We tried our best, and did everything we were told to. But what we were told was wrong. By the time we realized there was a problem and took it to our vet, it was too late. We tried, but our best efforts, and our vet's, were just too late.

                I am sorry for your loss, and I hope that this doesn't discourage you from keeping these amazing creatures. Now you have the information you need to succeed!
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                  Rip Squishy.


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                    u did good man.
                    RIP squishy.


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                      I'm so very sorry to hear that Squishy passed away.

                      I have a philosophy.

                      At different times of our lives, we can be a student, a teacher, or a lesson.

                      The same goes for animals.

                      Squishy was a teacher to you-the student. He was also a lesson-how NOT to care for a crested gecko.

                      He taught you compassion and better reptile husbandry.

                      Now you can take the lesson you've learned from him, and spread it to others.

                      It's YOUR turn to be the teacher now.

                      Remember-Squishy is just a thought away-waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge.


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                      For those who deal with them,
                      we ask a heart of compassion, gentle hands and kindly words.

                      Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals
                      and to show thy blessings to the merciful.

                      Albert Schweitzer

                      RIP, Squishy!!
                      Wait for Tahdpohl at The Bridge...O
                      Love and Light-

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                        I have been moved by everyone's kind and supporting words. You guys are the best!
                        Despite what happened in the end, it has not put me off of cresties. They are really great pets and I will probably get another, but it will be after some time.

                        I have a couple other herp "babies" and have already started reviewing and researching a little more to make sure that I'm doing everything I can for them.

                        Thanks again!


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                          If you have any questions, post them in the Other geckos and lizards forum, there are loads of people here who also keep other Herp babies and we can all help each other with our experiences/suggestions.
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