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breeders not getting along

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  • breeders not getting along

    i have had my two cresteds for about 2.5 yrs now they have always been together. now my female isn't doing so hot, she has lost weight and her tail. my male is now like twice her size even though she is older, it seems to me that he is being very rough with her latlely someone help

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    You need to seperate her asap! Baby her a little and feed the heck out of her. Maybe take in a fecal sample to a good vet and have them check for parasites. Keep a close eye on her and make sure she puts the weight back on. After a few months, if she is 100% again, you can try to put them back together.


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      oh believe you me i did seperate them i'm just very confsued as to why he is being such a jerk! i have bred them before and this has never happened before. maybe because there is only one female.


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        a resting period is need? try a few months of both of them isolated


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          Yeah I would just separate them and monitor her feeding and weight. If it doesnt get better try to take to vet.


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            I have had a similiar problem with two of my males. The females were both agressive feeders and I thought the males were too. But not compared to my females I guess? I just seperated them and gave the males a little tlc. Plus if it's a feeding issue then offer more nectar (diet) and less crickets as theres no compettion in lapping up diet.
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