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Squeaking Gecko??

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  • Squeaking Gecko??

    Hello everybody!

    I just got my largest male out to take a look at him, and I noticed a tiny squeaking sound coming from him. It sounds sort of like his nose is stuffed up and he's breathing through it, but at the same time, it's not constant enough to be breathing, because he does it in spurts of 4 or 5 squeaks, and then stops for a while. If anyone can confirm their geckos squeaking casually, I'd appreciate it, or if anyone can tell me if something is wrong with him, please help!!

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    This isn't anything to be worried about. Some do this more then others but they all do it. Usually they do it while breeding. It's an awesome sound I think.
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      You settled me down a i love the sound


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        Yes my girl keeps squeaking at me telling me not to hold her since shes possibly gravid. xD


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          All my chahouas squeek... I love it!

          Some do it when they are mad that I took them out.
          Some do it out of love, when they are licking on me, and love coming out.
          Some do it right after they eat.

          It's super cute! I love that sound!
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            the best part is when you hold them and they make a soft whistling sound of contentment^_^
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              i love my vocal geckos. my favorite sounds have to be the heavy sighs and litle whistles.
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                i love vocalizations too, but i have one guy who kinda "whistles" when he is sniffing.

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                  Mine is starting to squeak in his enclosure he's going through his teenager age. When they squeak is it anything bad? I know it's not from his breathing.