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Humidity for hatchlings?

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    i keep my hatchlings on a shelf in sterylite tubs, with holes poked through them, on heat tape, under a flo light that is attached to a timer. inside theyre on paper towels, with a peice of cork [thanks for mentianing that badass, i thought it, but didnt say it] and a water dish. and sometimes if i take them out of the incubator too soon, they wont have finished their first shed yet, in which case, they may need some assistance taking it off the first time around. but after that theyre find. i give them a warm spot of 80 and a cool side of 75 and mist daily. they stay in these for abount one and a half to 2 months, once they hit about 1g or 0.8g and eat well EVERY time i feed, i switch them to the split 10gallon, with dirt and plants.