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cryptospyridium information PLEASE!

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  • cryptospyridium information PLEASE!

    I am seeing in some of my leopard geckos the beginning signs of crypto. I know that some signs are loosing weight in the tail, general loss of appetite. I am wondering if there are any other things that i should be keeping an eye out for. Or even anything else that this could be. The geckos have been doing fantastically up until recently like past week or two. Lowered Feeding responses in not all but a lot of my Eublepharid animals. They are seperated in a different room from my Rhacodactylus. They are all on a Rack system. I recently introduced one of my Raptors in with a group of Hypos, the raptor was doing fine, he has grown a lot more in length than girth, which i always thought was fine. He eats mealworms[tenebrio] fantastically. He has always been a little lean on his tail. Never skinny tail but never huge and fat like all of my other Leopards [20+]. I just went in and checked on my Hypo colony and saw some regurgitated shed, which worried me. Also what worried me more than that was there was about 15 crickets from their previous feeding[last night]. They always devour what i feed them. Well. Questions. Suggestions? I am planning on taking in some fecal samples on Monday to my reptile vet.
    also the same skinny tail lowered feeding amount on my Albino Super Giant Male. Is it common for the males to be a little leaner than their female counterparts? I don't have that many honestly and I am not sure if they are always going to be slender in comparison to my girls.
    Or if its just me overreacting?
    Or if its just them in their First breeding season?
    Thank you so much ahead of time for any help.... also if any of you have any good articles on crypto or other related diseases that would be great.

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    I've never personally been able to confirm a diagnosis of Crypto in Leos and I don't see a lot of Leos in "breeding group" situations, but my understanding is that it can cause some of the signs you are seeing (bloody diarrhea is absent in your case) and that the parasite causes suppression of the immune system as well as inflammation of the bowel. I think that the diagnosis usually involves getting lucky and seeing the cysts in a direct fecal smear (flotation is useless) or confriming the presence of the bug with necropsy specimens of the gut. Suggest that your veterinarian do direct smears as well as a fecal flotations, and bring several fecal specimens as well as the animal(s) in.

    Some links you may find helpful..........

    Good luck

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      I have some friends who breed Leos and from what I understand, the wasting away syndrome is caused by a less serious form of coccidia in most cases and can be treated with Albon. If it is Crypto, I don't think there is a treatment for that.


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        when we made this post, we called our reptile vet and made an appointment for saturday, so well bring in a few different geckos for him to check out.