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  • The biggest problem!!!

    I hear so much about reptiles with a calcium deficiency. I always worry mine are not getting enough calcium. I don't know if I am making symptoms up, or if I have a real problem with my female gargoyle.

    I think she is showing signs of a slight calcium deficiency. She sometimes has trouble sticking to the glass or my hand. She slides off. Also, I think she may be constipated. She has not gone in a week! (It might even be longer than that because I wasn't really paying attention to her bathroom habits until I noticed she wasn't going.) I soaked her in a warm bath last night, hoping that would help, but she still didn't go. In the month I have had her she has gained 11 g. At first I thought she was going to lay eggs, but now I think she might be full of...poo!

    I feed her GGD and Clark's with Jarassic Cal (which does not contain phosphorous). I also have a UVA/B light that I use. I feed the male the same thing and he seems fine; eats, poos, and is happy.

    Does this sound like a big problem? Could the calcium deficiency cause the constipation? Does it even sound like she might have a calcium deficiency?Any help would be wonderful. Thank you so much!

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    Please, if anyone has advice, let me know!


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      Not being able to stick to the glass might be something as simple as her about to shed. However, if she is not defecating, that could be a huge problem. I really have no advice except to take her to a vet.
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        If you suspect that constipation may be an issue, try confining her for one night in a large deli cup with a wet paper towel liner in a warm (not hot) spot. That usually promotes bowel activity.

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          Thanks so much for the advice. I will try it tonight!