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Crestie not shedding a lot??

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  • Crestie not shedding a lot??

    I got my crested gecko, Echo, the day after thanksgiving 2019 from the Petsmart that I work at. First of all I’m not entirely sure how old he was when I got him (asked around and was told maybe 2-3 months?). Secondly, I’ve only seen him shed once and that was on New Year’s Day, almost a month and a half ago.
    He’s been eating super good though! I offer him CGD every other day he doesn’t get crickets or Phoenix worms which is 3-4 times a week. I keep his tank in the higher 70s/ low 80s in the day and low 70s at night. The humidity stays around 50-60% percent with the highest point in the morning around 85%.
    Anyways, I know he’s growing and eating good. I’ve also read that they sometimes shed overnight, making their owners think they never do it since we don’t see it. I’m not super worried about it but would like to know what everyone else thinks!!

    here’s a picture of my little guy