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Treating or euthanizing runt gecko?

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  • Treating or euthanizing runt gecko?

    I have a little gecko that was a runt right from the beginning. He was born with a malformed leg (basically all the toes glued together) and smaller than his siblings. He is actually almost 10 months old now, and has barely grown (last measured weight was 1.85g). Until recently he seemed healthy enough otherwise, so I didn't intervene. He did ok climbing on branches and plant stems even with the bad foot, and was pooping so clearly eating at least a little. In the last couple of days the deformed foot and one toe on the other front foot have started to go dark and rot, and I just found him with a couple odd brown patches on his side by the deformed foot and what seems like a shedding problem, but the shed is thicker and stiffer than would be typical (and I keep him in the same humidity conditions as my other hatchlings, who shed well). I have him in a sauna bath right now with a touch of Shed-Ease. I intend to try to gently nudge the "shed" with some tweezers in a bit and see if it will come off. Does anyone have a recommendation on what to do and what his prognosis might be? If this is a situation where humane euthanasia is appropriate, does anyone have recommendations about how to do this with a hatchling-size gecko?

    I attached a photo (though keep in mind that I had just misted him so he is all wet).

    Update: the Shed-Ease worked great and I was able to pull off quite a bit of shed and and remove a shed eye cap. In upsetting the little guy while doing so, I found that he also has some blood in his mouth. I attached a photo of that and a photo of the bottom of his bad foot--it has an odd texture to it. You can also see that his other front foot is slightly deformed too but not badly.