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    I got a new leopard gecko to live with my other one. I wasn't sure what gender my first gecko was but the new one is female. My first gecko, who i suspect as male is acting weird and 'wobbly' and keeps licking is preanal area. He also seems to be seeking the other gecko, just to bite her head/neck. I've currently separated the two but i do not know what to do to fix it

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    Congrats on your new gecko. Here are some things to think about:
    --whenever you get a new gecko, it needs to be quarantined separately from any geckos you already have to make sure that no one is sick (because you don't want contagion to spread). Ideally, the new gecko would also have a poop sample examined by the vet at the end of the quarantine.
    --what you're describing is mating behavior. If you put a male and a female together, that's what's going to happen. It's usually followed by eggs and I have no idea if your female was ovulating or if she will become gravid (that's the word you use for reptiles instead of "pregnant").

    Your 2 geckos should stay separated unless you are planning to breed, which means you also would need to have already figured out about egg incubation, housing, feeding and caring for hatchlings. The geckos will not be lonely; they are designed to be solitary creatures.