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Leachianus retained spectacle after shed?

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  • Leachianus retained spectacle after shed?


    New Leachianus gecko keeper here. I bought her from a reputable dealer. She is 2 1/2 years old. I have had her for 2 1/2 months.

    18x18x24(height) glass enclosure w/ mesh top (towel over half for humidity retention)
    UVB & 25W heat lamp provided during the day (8AM to 6PM).
    70-72F at night, 75-80F during the day.
    Humidity of 50-65% during the day, 65-85% at night (timed misting every 4 hours + manual misting morning and night)
    Pangea CGD fed every other day (no live feeders)
    Water bowl swapped every day
    Arcadia Earthmix/Zilla Jungle Mix (50/50) substrate w/ Cork tubes

    Normally she eats and poops well. She was quite active when I got her (upside down on the mesh top), but now she seems to spend most of her time in and around the logs (fair enough).

    She recently shed (about 5 days ago). I thought she shed perfectly, but I noticed a little "cloudy patch" on one of her eyes. I also noticed her nostrils were not "fully" clear (as though some shed had gone inside her nostrils). See attached picture.

    She has gone off the CGD for approximately 3 days now. As a result, no poop for these past few days either. She helps herself to a little bit if I hand feed her.

    Some research regarding the cloudy eye spot leads me to believe is is a small amount of retained spectacle. It could also simply be some CGD?
    As for the nostrils, is this a problem?

    I have not tried the "sauna" yet.

    How should I proceed?

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    This happened to one of my cresties a few months ago. I initially left her alone but when I saw that she was licking at her eye and trying to scratch the patch of shed off it with her foot, I knew it was bothering her. First I misted her with water twice, about 10 minutes apart. Then I was able to pick her up -- I think she realized I was trying to help her because this girl *hates* being handled, but she was calm -- and use blunt-tipped tweezers to grab onto part of the shed that was separating a bit from her eye. At that point, she turned her head away from the tweezers, allowing the shed to pull off. She was in control of how fast and how much tugging on the shed was going on.

    You might try something like this with your leachie if she lets you handle her.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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      Thanks for the reply. Turns out this was simply some stuck shed, and she got rid of it on the following shed.