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Stunted growth or parasites??

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  • Stunted growth or parasites??

    I have a gargoyle gecko that is a march of 2018 hatchling that refuses to gain weight and is not eating regularly. I downsized him to a tub to monitor his feeding/pooping and has only gained .4 grams in two months while my other gargoyle has gained 2 grams in the last month. Could this be stunted growth or parasites??

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    Hi Chris,

    Do you know the genetics of this gecko's parents? The genetics of the parent geckos can play a part, I'd be skeptical of parasites if you haven't noticed any in the feces, unless it is cohabited with other animals, or you have had parasites in your other reptiles.
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      I have been in contact with the breeder I purchased him from and he has expressed his concern over the size as well. I ended up taking him to a vet and did a cautionary deworming and since then he has been eating much better and gaining some weight.