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When your gecko eats POO...

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  • When your gecko eats POO...

    I've never seen any of mine do this, but someone I know is having this issue with her new male. He's not a young gecko.. maybe a couple of years old.

    Is there a reason for this? Is he missing something in his diet? Is he possibly ill and needs a vet visit? Is this a sign of parasitic infestation?

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    I haven't had any of mine do this on purpose, but I have one in particular that sees poop and thinks cricket. She bows up and pounces on it. Usually, she doesn't eat it but I know of at least once that she has. Is the gecko in question seeking out poop to eat or is it more accidental?
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      This gecko is seeking out its own poo and consuming it... apparently, fresh is best for him. More speculation has been made on this, and it could be poo and/or a "sperm plug" ?? I've never noticed a sperm plug in any of my adult males.
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        This topic made me chuckle when I read this. lol, maybe he's just "special?"

        Wow I've never witnessed this myself either. I have seen the occasional accidental mouthful when diving for crickets but it's usually "spit" immediately out. I've seen it in other animals like tortoises, but never in cresteds.


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          I know in horses, it's done for bacteria, or sometimes minerals. Dogs as well, and then you have rabbits that double process some food- that is it goes through the body once and is then reingested.

          I have no idea why a gecko would do it, though. Reestablishing the gut flora is the only thing I can think of...

          Maybe he just likes the taste...? o.O
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            Gecko coprophagia.... that's a first for me. My mom's dog used to do it, maybe he taught your friend's gecko? (Just kidding.)

            I've seen males eat their own sperm before, but never feces. Is your friend sure that her male isn't just... err... having a good time?

            A little more info would probably help to pinpoint the issue. Diet information, etc. would be great.

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              Thanks, Sarah! I'll see what else I can find out and send them over this way. I initially thought he may just be "having a good time", as well.
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                There are a lot of old myths about it, but regarding dogs and horses, many simply do it out of habit and it's been shown that others will learn the behavior after observing one do it multiple times. The old myths about them doing it to "redigest" like rabbits do is generally understood to be false.

                I have never seen any of my geckos do this (though of couse I do not watch them 24/7), so I can't speak for why a gecko might be doing it. If the animal is being fed a well rounded diet and seems to otherwise be healthy, I wouldn't be too concerned.
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                  please help. My cresty Remmy who is an about 8 month old gecko just randomly started to eat his/her poop. Man idk what to do. Is it safe? I feed him/her almost every day.