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My first crestie

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  • My first crestie

    Been checking these guys out for awhile now, and finally took the plunge this past weekend. So I'd like to introduce Izzy. He weighs in at 9 grams and was told he's about 8 months or so. He was sold as a flame dalmation, but from some some research and pics I've seen online, thinking he looks more like a harlequin. Is that just a line bred flame look or another gene altogether? Oh well, thanks if anyone can elighten me at all. Still got plenty of reading and research to do, obviously.
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    nice crested....looks like a harly dalmation to me....A harly is pretty much a flame but has molting up the sides and legs....
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      Looks like a harlequin - pretty one too!
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        Thanks for the replies and helping make sure I know what he is. Not sure if I'm going to get into breeding, but when I got my first corn snake, didn't think I would with them either (but did), lol.