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Your Oldest Gecko(s)? Meet Raptor and Nimrod...

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  • Your Oldest Gecko(s)? Meet Raptor and Nimrod...

    Time flies.... On July 9th, 2005, I met Matt at the Taylor Reptile Show and went home with two of his hatchlings.

    Baby Pic!

    14 years later and Raptor and Nimrod are still going strong. Neither of them felt like firing up for their birthday photoshoot. Raptor has lovely yellow coloring while Nimrod gets this gorgeous deep chocolate brown. Probably going to shed soon again.

    Raptor. My big boy.

    Video of Raptor

    Nimrod. He likes to act tough as he's gotten older, but calms down pretty quickly.

    Video of Nimrod

    Any other old timers out there?
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    My TAD was 7 years old when I got him in Nov. of 2016. He's still doing well.

    Click image for larger version

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      Wow, impressive! My oldest gecko is around 9 years old (estimated -- I've had him for 6 years), but I have a 27-year-old fish. Who knows how old my cresties will get.
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        Spencer, my crested gecko is 13. Eragon, my leopard gecko is 15 and sired offspring for the entire 13 years I was breeding. I have a friend who got a snake (rosy boa, I think) for her 10th birthday and the snake is still alive with my friend turning 63 this month. I took care of that snake for a summer in 1979!



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          My oldest is pushing 16 this year
          lets just say I have a lot of stuff



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            Tad is so handsome!

            Aliza, that is impressive!!

            Glad to hear we have some other oldtimer reptiles.
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              this is awesome!! newbie here and we just hit 1 year's purchase today exactly!! lol so my Reptar is about 15 months old!!
              thank you!

              happy "mom" of:
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              6 birds (CAG, tiel, conure, lovie, 2 zebra finches)


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                Yea I think my oldest are 3? Not sure exactly