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  • Babies...

    I recently have gotten back into pet ownership via the CUTEST gecko I'd ever seen... and somehow have obtained two more in the 8 weeks since!

    First I got Smeagol... It was about 3 grams when I brought it home at the end of July, and now it's nearly 6! From day one it's been a good eater & doesn't mind being handled at all at this point, which is great. Seems to be an easygoing gecko.

    Gollum was the second I got... And even though it's been 6 weeks now, it's still super shy. I have been trying to slowly acclimate this one to my presence so at least cleaning/health checks won't be stressful, but I'm guessing it's going to end up mostly just being around for show-- which is perfectly alright! I love the deep amber that it loves to show off when it thinks I'm not looking.

    Mordor is the one I got today is still just under 2g; I'm trying not to handle it much til it's settled in and bigger, but I still snapped a picture before putting it in its new container! It was DEFINITELY showing some really rosy hues when it fired up fully, though it seems mostly to hover somewhere between beige and yellow... Already has a number of spots, too. I can't wait to see how the pattern develops as it grows!

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    Beautiful geckos! Congrats on your new family!
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