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Gray and white hatchling

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  • Gray and white hatchling

    Love the look of this little one!

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    The pattern color from this line always goes high white as they mature.

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    One from earlier this season...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170729_204656_907.jpg
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    It is going to be nice to see these develop.


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      Gosh Do you have one “normal” morph/color? I love when you post, it’s either A. Educational or B. Pictures of amazing animals that I drool over or C. A combination of A and B lol.
      .1.DOG Jiggles
      1.1.CRESTED GECKO Phantom & Lovely
      .1.YBST Cloveth
      .1.MINIPIG Judy(food&belly rub is kinda apig deal)
      1..RAT CoconutRatMinneapolis RIP


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        Hahaha... normal. There are so many "normal" cresties around. Normal to me just means within their typical range of visual variation or expression. Yep, I have normal ones! I just know what to do with the genes in them... or at least, what to try.


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          Big Tom, I want to be like you when I grow up....teach me your ways oh crested gecko genetics guru! Starting with how to make pink geckos please!

          SUPER cool looking hatchlings btw! What do it's parents look like?!


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            The parents are Cold Fusion X Orange creamcicle.
            Pink is easy... so long as you have the right genes. I'm not being sarcastic about it. I ended up hitting and isolated the right combination when trying to make something else. It is all about knowing your animals through breeding trials... lots of them! Even being wrong teaches you and can lead you down great paths.
            Thanks for the laugh... never been called a guru before.