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Cosmo Pics Take 2 lol :)

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  • Cosmo Pics Take 2 lol :)

    such a cute little guy

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    So i went to go spray down the viv this evening and cosmo was not in his usual place . So got the camera out to be surprised by this....

    The surprising thing is the pics in the first pist were only taken yesterday and i did not think that he was anywhere close to a shed since his colours were still so intense but here we are....


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      At least you caught him! I have had my little guy for over a year, and I will see his colours are kind of dull and like he is about to shed, then the next morning there is no shed! And his colours are more intense than ever! He has never needed help and I have NEVER seen him in the process of taking/eating it off. He is seriously magic, I swear. The only thing I will ever see if maybe a sliver of leftover shed in the dirt. Magic...
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        Wow, he is beautiful! And cute :-). Love the combination of a really dark little gecko and very bright eyes.
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          I haven't ever seen TAD shed, although once I did see he had a teeny bit of shed on a toe. Other than that, he's just a private little guy.

          Yours has stunning colors! Wow!
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            Thanks guys . He is a cute dude . Ill get more pics of him up soon . On a side note . Can any spot what appears to look like a gorilla face on his head in the last pic?


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              He is such a handsome man! Such character , and beautiful crests too. I love finding "faces" on their head markings, awesome gorilla!
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