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Zoltan, the black-eyed crestie

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    Originally posted by TAD View Post
    These are great photos, and he is gorgeous. Were his eyes so dark when you got him? Was that what drew you to him?
    Thank you! Yes, he had his eyes this dark since he hatched, there was time when they got lighter for a few weeks when he was around 1 year old, but they came back to the usual color and hadn't changed since then. And yes, I fell in love with him as soon as I saw the picture of this cute face with dark eyes
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      Think about breeding one of his female offspring back to him in the future to see if you get the black eyes.



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        gorgeous gecko! But is his tail okay?


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          Originally posted by organizedchaos View Post
          This is pretty cool! I wonder if it's anything similar to the phantom trait that gargoyles have (their eyes turn black around 2 years old) Whether a fluke or not, it looks great contrasting with his yellow XD And congrats on the feature! click on the link for learn how it works
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            pics are awesome and I wish my reptar was TAME like that!! lol!!
            thank you!

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