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  • My collection :)

    First up is my oldest, Green Bean! I've had him for almost 6 and a half years. He's my shy little frog butt who enjoys his silk flowers.

    Next is my big cuddle princess, Dragonite. She's my only leachie and she's just about 5 years old.

    Now here's Mr. Red! I've had him 6 years or so now. He's a small little guy. He can get much darker than this picture shows.

    Last is Oliver, he's my newest little guy and my very first Chewie! He let me hold him a bit today, I can't get over how soft chewie feet are <3
    C. ciliatus- GreenBean, Mr. Red,
    R. leachianus- Dragonite
    M. chahoua- Oliver
    2 5G planted Betta tanks

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    I gotta say, they are all BEAUTIFUL '
    .1.DOG Jiggles
    1.1.CRESTED GECKO Phantom & Lovely
    .1.YBST Cloveth
    .1.MINIPIG Judy(food&belly rub is kinda apig deal)
    1..RAT CoconutRatMinneapolis RIP


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      They are all gorgeous & lovely photos too.
      They all look content little guys & gals.
      Yes I agree chewies feet are so soft & clingy they are unreal.
      Ace Gargoyles
      Gargoyle geckos. 2.4.0
      Chahoua. 1.1.0