I thought I'd post some cute photos of the crew! I hope you like them.

This is my huge girl Brienne. She's 39.7 grams right now and has gained 22 grams since July. I love this girl, she's so beautiful.

Here's my handsome little stud Vivaldi. He's still so handsome and he does some cute things.

Here's the ever angry and adorable Cornelius E. Funkypants. He's a fierce little dude but he's still so cute that I can't take him seriously.

This is a photo I got of my growing beauty Eldraxia.

This is little Glaurung coming to eat the camera. He's a feisty dude and he always wants to eat me.

Here's a quick pick of Captain Kirk doing some exploring.

This is the elusive little Jaquiarza posing on her food pedestal.

Here's a not so flattering photo of Arkham. The little weirdo has some stuck shed on his tummy that we'll be removing in the morning. He was trying to attack me in this photo.

My big girl Meraxes saying hello on her door and a cute photo of her being a little too big for her bug cup.

Also here's some unrelated photo of our non scaly friends.
Big Daddy got a new bandana today.

Little coconut in her Christmas sweater.

And Eris the mighty.

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed my silly photos. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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