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2016 Hatchlings

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  • 2016 Hatchlings

    My 2016 hatchlings!
    Minus Morticia, this was the first breeding season for all of the sires and dams. Although some of the dams ended the season with only one hatchling each, I am proud of all of them

    Jax (sire)

    JD001 (Jax x Delilah)

    JD002 (Jax x Delilah)

    JD003 (Jax x Delilah)

    JD004 (Jax x Delilah)

    Delilah (dam)

    JH001 (Jax x Haiku)

    Haiku (dam)

    Apollo (sire)

    AB001 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB002 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB003 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB004 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB005 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB006 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB007 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB008 (Apollo x Belle)

    AB009 (Apollo x Belle)

    Belle (dam)

    AM001 (Apollo x Morticia)

    AM002 (Apollo x Morticia)

    Morticia (dam)

    AW001 (Apollo x Woe)

    Woe (dam)

    Pins & Needles (sire)

    PA001 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA002 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA003 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA004 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA005 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA006 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA007 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA008 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    PA009 (Pins & Needles x Alice)

    Alice (dam)

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    Nice summary of a season!
    Can't wait to see how they develop.


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      Every one is beautiful! (& wow, Morticia!!) You picked great backgrounds to show them off, as well. Nice job!
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        Great pairings and lovely babies, a ton to excitedly grow out! Love your photos also
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          Thank you, Big Tom, TAD and CrestieFu!


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            Jax is just absolutely stunning! Never seen such clean white on a gecko like that!
            Absolutely stunning babies as well!
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              Thank you, Last_Creature! Jax was produced by JB’s Cresties (Jaybee) out of Beans x Fuddrucker I love both of his parents so much.