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Apple finally goes in his planted tank!

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  • Apple finally goes in his planted tank!

    So i've had my 24x18x24 planted tank set up for a little over a year now waiting on him (he was just a 6g baby when i got him and now hes a 32g big boy!) and I finally put him in the tank last night!! He was so active and running around everywhere exploring and having fun! Ive never seen him so active before since his grow tubs were all fake plants/paper towel. He was really confused when he was put and his tongue was flicking around everything like crazy it was so cute LOL, im so happy hes in here now because no more cleaning for me

    (the first pic is when he was just put in, and the second to last pic is how I found him sleeping this morning lmao)
    *also hes currently shedding right now so he looks all dull in the pics sadly so hopefully I can get some nice pics of when hes all red and fired up soon!

    Click image for larger version

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    Very nice! I bet he feels like he's in gecko heaven!
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      Nice! Could you take a full tank picture?


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        OOOOOH this is so amazing, I'm super excited for him, congrats to Apple!!! He's having so much fun, what a great thread <3 Yeah, i'd love to see full tank pics if you have any (as well as any more of Apple that you have of his escapades in his brand new home)
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          I'm interested in a full tank picture to!