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  • My collection :)

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share where my collection is at
    It's been an interesting development so far, I used to breed sand boas/rosy boas but fell in love with these guys pretty quickly and decided to shift my focus from sand boas to crested geckos (still have my rosys! :P)
    It's been a great adventure owning lizards that are so easy to keep in comparison to the monitor lizard I kept years ago, and lots of fun watching the kiddos grow into their adult looks

    In order of when I got them-

    Leviathan (Produced by Gekkonidazed Geckos Atlas x Verity)

    Ipos (Produced by Creepy Exotics Stedson x Amora)

    Gozer (Produced by Harlequin Hoard Jackle x Crimp)

    Fenrir (Produced by LAC Toulouse x Twerp)

    Muninn (Produced by Steel City Scales Icarus x Draven)

    AURYN (Produced by Steel City Scales/All-Star Geckos Tanker x Duke)

    Yggdrasil (Produced by The Minagerie Daydream x Fleur)

    Nidhogg (Produced by The Minagerie Daydream x Fleur)

    Serendipity (Produced by AJD Reptiles Bling x Ernie)

    Squig (Produced by Talking Geckos Gridlock x Arcadia)

    Annnnnd that's the image limit for this post :P I've also got two kids from The Gecko Garden (I need better pics of them anyways :P)

    So far I've hatched two from a loan I did with Gexolotl (fenrir x their gecko anarchy) and have four incubating from Leviathan x Captain Crunch (owned by CrispySnakes) I'm pretty excited to see how that goes since Captain Crunch has Eye of the Tiger/Speckled like a Leopard lineage
    Also, planning to pair up Munnin x Ipos and doing a loan with G & N Geckos for Squig x their gecko Chupacabra (he's produced some killer babies!) I'm super excited about future projects with these guys and growing out the babies to see how they progress I've got an instagram and a facebook that I update if you'd like to follow!
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