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My first crestie :)

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  • My first crestie :)

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    Finally waited long enough for her to come out of her favourite hiding spot and bask in some sunlight so I could take a few first pictures of her. Sorry that they're not as HQ as some others on this forum.

    This is Alphy, 3mo old juvenile, likely female
    0.0.1 Cresties <3 Alphy

    I also have a blog about my newbie adventures:

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    She is beautiful, congratulations.
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      Ooo, how pretty! She is very velvety looking, and stunning colors! Congrats!
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        Very cute!! Welcome to the world if reptiles!

        A quick note, you can't really tell gender till 10-20 grams (13-17 is where most people sex) so it's still pretty much 50/50 on gender cause she's still so little. Either way she is beautiful!!
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          This is not my opinion but that of a reptile expert based on scales and pores and such, but yes I'm keeping it open for now with a unisex name ahah
          0.0.1 Cresties <3 Alphy

          I also have a blog about my newbie adventures: