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    This is a thread to share your one most unique gecko. Let's see that one crested gecko you have that gets you excited about the future of our hobby! Feel free to mention any affinity you may have for a particular morph at this time too.

    Here is mine... and it was tough to decide.

    The slate coloration next to the outlined orange and yellow markings just sets it off. The first photo is the most accurate depiction of the color and it doesn't fire up any more than what is shown.
    Lately I have had an affinity for the Pangea Triple X line and have had the pleasure to hatch some out this year.

    Now what do you have going on?

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    Nice, Tom! But I have to say... as nice as your photos are, they don't do this gecko any justice at all. Having seen this animal in-person, it really is far more impressive than what these photos convey.

    Good thread. I'm looking forward to checking back in on this.


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      Thanks... here is a cell pick of the pattern.


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        Alright Tom.... I'll play!

        I'm all about trying to be outside the box. That said, and because you used the word "unique", I'll unveil something I've been working on that is in its infancy as far as a project goes. I'm working on solid dorsal animals that have high lats... and oh yes... yellow!

        I'll show siblings because there's really two "versions" (unintentional).

        First up:

        And so now you can see the size of this animal (and know there's much more development to go:

        Now for the sibling.... and the "clean" version of the project:

        Not often that I unveil stuff from behind the scenes here.... enjoy!


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          Oh.... that clean one is perfection! I'll have to play when I can get some new pics of Glitch, he needs some updated ones.
          Mary Frizzell
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	WP_20150308_001.jpg
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Size:	92.1 KB
ID:	1067537 I think for me its this little female right now at 10 grams can't wait till she is full grown and se how here dorsal is by than with he solid cream is tail


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              I really like that consistent drip with the loose reverse that seems to be happening! A great overall look Mike! Thanks for sharing this project.


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                Nice wbperformance...are you going for a full pinner with a solid white back and tail? It would be interesting to see the tail base with little or no color transition.


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                  I am looking for a black cream pinner male this ones tale already looks like it is been glued on


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                    I see that... a fired up pic would be great!


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                      I have been trying to get here to fire up but she seems not to want to


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                        These are all so cool!!!! I will post pics soon of one of mine just need upload them into the comp... I hope a lot of members post here. almost every crestie is unique Ya know.


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                          Looking forward to seeing it Bert!


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                            I don't have a name for him/her, yet, as I'm not sure. But, I really love the colors and contrasts on this baby. About 10 grams.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	005.jpg
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ID:	1067540


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                              Another shot...
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	011.jpg
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ID:	1067541