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Beautiful juvi crestie

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  • Beautiful juvi crestie

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    I wanna put up more but being told they are "too big" lol. He loves posing so more pics will be updated ^-^


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      Pascal now has, after this most recent shed, 45 spots from 15 before. Do they often gain 30 spots in one shed? Or is he just a silly little guy?

      He is also lighter now, starting to look more bi-color than when I first got him. His crests are also starting to droop ^-^ Just thinking that I got him from the pet store a month ago is amazing. Pics shall be posted soon.


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        Pascal's red is only getting deeper and his dorsal is getting creamier ^-^ maybe I got lucky with the "Normal" crested I picked up from the store ^-^


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          This is a little better to show his colors. He is already slightly fired down in it because he doesn't fire up unless he is in his tank.


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            Awww, cuteness!
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              hmm, tonight he just shed again and now his red is a little pinkish. Haven't managed to see his dorsal yet, just waiting for a couple hours before I hold him again to see how many spots he has gotten. he seems to have mainly red spots so they don't show up on camera as well as his few black spots do.