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    Hi everyone! I've watched this forum for a while, but I haven't posted regularly ( this might be my first post, I don't remember, haha).

    I thought I should introduce my favorite gecko, Sticky Licker-Snoot. She was sold to me at a show as a Nuu Ana, although there weren't any papers for her. I've been casually looking for a male Nuu Ana that might be good with her.

    Anyway, here she is!

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    Nice animal.
    Most of the time you can tell if it's a Nuu Ana is by the lack of reticulations in the eye, and the rounder narrow snout.
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      Oh my god, these photos are terrible! I'm sorry everyone, I uploaded them from my phone. >< I'll re-post them.


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        Here we are, these should be better.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2705.jpg
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Name:	IMG_2793.jpg
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Name:	sticking.jpg
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Name:	tumblr_n0y8nzfgOe1sj4ua6o4_1280.jpg
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          Gorgeous gecko, nice pics.


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            That is one awesome leachie.

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