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Photospam of the Noobs!

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  • Photospam of the Noobs!

    Finally some decent pics of some of my new acquisitions this past Spring/Summer Not ALL of the noobs, but most of them!

    First up is my little ones! These next two kids are both from Rachel over at Nautilus Reptiles out of Crank and Winnie


    Kiwi (who hates me passionately)

    Delphine - from BFG out of Missy x Orphus (Missy is from Mickey x Mallory, so this is going to be an AMAZING baby!)

    Atlas - from Mina over at The Minagerie out of Tabitha and Mr. Bubbles. Atlas will HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* be Delphine's mate. Just LOOK at this kid!!

    Glasspack - from Emily at Emily's Geckos! Super excited to get this guy paired up to a couple of girls this season

    Ink - from Ashley at ScaredyCat Geckos! My DREAM BABY from Sharpie!

    And last but not least...

    Joachim! From Jessica at Ethereal Exotics... this guy, as you can imagine, is being paired with the lovely Goodwin- can you say creamsicles?!

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    My favorite is ink! Hes got a very light green "olive" color in the photos very nice!


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      What pretty kiddos you have there!
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        Love love LOOVVEEE the new kids!
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          Joachim is gorgeous!


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            Love the Chewies :eek:

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              Great looking babies you got over there!!!


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                Very lovely and I'm loving your chahouas.
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