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Honeydukes & Butterbeer! Pic heavy :P

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  • Honeydukes & Butterbeer! Pic heavy :P

    I am so excited about these guys. I got this pair from a lady selling off her crested collection at the Columbia Repticon a couple of weeks back. I paid $100 for the pair of them! They are such awesome cresties.

    I'm still not 100% about their "morphs", though. Crestie morphs/patterns/colors confuse me, so maybe you guys could help me out?

    Here is Miss Honeydukes! My guess is a black & cream/yellow low/partial pin harley.


    And here is Mr. Butterbeer! I just know he's a creamy, buttery yellow with just a little dalmation spotting. I love the long crests he has on his head along with his stumpy tail! Has a great temperament too.. loves posing for the camera.

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    Such cuties!


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      Love them! Great colors.
      I'm not the best on morphs either so I'll let a professional jump in on that one.
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        Congrats on the new additions.