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    Here is the Siamese twins yesterday, they where full term and the other egg hatched out a full pin . These two were joined at the heart and the one head was deformed during the growth and development in the egg ( twin face was pushing on it ).Click image for larger version

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    Sad but interesting.
    Did they live at all or did you cut them from the egg? (Just curious).
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      i would have them preserved, anything to get the kiddies interested in sciencey stuff, their short lives would not be wasted
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        Very interesting... I have rarely seen this happen with crested geckos. Thanks for sharing.


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          So they suffered from Thoracopagus ( form of conjoined twin). The one with the deformed head was not moving and the egg was piped by them , the egg was normal size and was hatching at the same time as the clutchmate. I finished the opening once I saw the face out of the egg and the toungue out ( Most will know what this looks like when a baby does not fully hatch and dies during the hatch ). It happend from a different paring about 2 years ago , so it must be pretty common for large scale breeders.


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            This is quite sad, but very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
            God bless
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              Im sorry for the loos of the babies but that is really interesting.

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