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Cresmo Progression Thread! Wowza!

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  • Cresmo Progression Thread! Wowza!

    Havent really had the time to gather all the phots from when i first got them to now. Cresmo i have a ton of pictures on and was the first crested i ever owned.

    I think he has turned out nicely!

    Day 1 (FEB 11) roughly 5 Grams

    DSCN3283 by VerronePhotography, on Flickr

    The growing process: (old camera pics all blurry sorry)

    DSCN4048 by VerronePhotography, on Flickr

    DSCN5485 by VerronePhotography, on Flickr

    Today at 37 Grams!

    Cres1 by VerronePhotography, on Flickr

    DSCN6809 by VerronePhotography, on Flickr
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    Really like progression threads. Thanks for sharing - He is definitely turning out nice.


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      Cresmo is on my hit list! Hoping my new boy turns out like em!

      My boy has some dalmatian in him, so I'm wondering how that wil turn out.
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        Very nice!!! Great pics


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          Hot diggity! Threads like this make me look at not-so-pretty hatchlings in a whole new light! I'm really bad at predicting how great their structure/patterning will be when I'm looking at a itty bitty 3g gecko. You've got a looker, though!
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