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Leachianus Pair - Meraxes and Nymeria

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  • Leachianus Pair - Meraxes and Nymeria

    So we got this boy this spring, but with our trip to California we didn't get around to photographing him until recently. We got him to go with our female, Nymeria. Hoping for some seriously colored and patterned offspring from this pair. We'll pair them either this winter or spring, depending. Both have very mellow temperaments, so I don't anticipate any pairing issues...but you never know with leachies.

    Nymeria (has Pinky in her line, mixed locales)

    Meraxes (mixed locales)

    Gekkonidazed Geckos

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    Looks like a fantastic pair. Hope they get along well once they are paired up. He looks like a handsome chubster with nice pattern.
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      Love their names
      Meraxes' wrinkles are adorable


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        They're beautiful! I hope all goes well with their pairing!

        I wish my male could meet your girl- he's got soooooo much pink. It'd be a pink palooza!
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          I'd love one of these babies, esp one that looks like Mom
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            Beautiful pair... Absolutely love Meraxes.