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  • MOAR Tinley kids + updates

    First up are two unplanned purchases! Sarah Gilpin told me to look out for the kid with the red backpack and that's what I did! Haha, and I ended up snagging these two kids from AJD!

    First up is a possible female 5g out of Revolution X DD female

    Second is a male 7g out of his red group Sire - Dam This was as fired as I could get this guy.

    Bought this one little odd thing before the show, but picked up at the show - Lellarap X Nilla 3g unsexed

    Another pickup from Tinley, but not a crested... So, here's just one picture 2g unsexed baby gargoyle

    UPDATES on kids I already had~~
    First up is Leeloo possible female 8g out of Sookie X Vincent from Giggle Geckos (full sibling to Bing!) Had a hard time getting any good pictures of her.

    Lightning 12g male out of Sookie X Vincent from Giggle Geckos

    Avox 9g male from Mama T's Cresties out of Venus X Zipper

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    Holy dang I dig Lightning. And that DD/Revolution kid is going to be wicked.

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      Wow, Lightning looks like a perfect match for Altitude Exotics' Jeter-you two should really talk about a breeding loan or something. Of course it goes without saying-VERY nice new additions.


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        *drools* I'm loving that first pinner from AJ, and Lightning and Leeloo have my heart!
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          Pinner from AJ is going to be a stunner. Congrats!


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            Wow amazing!!!


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              I honestly never thought about Jeter, but I might have to ask about her! I kinda thought she might be out of his league, but they would make a good pair. Their kids would be awesome. Someone recently on my fb shared one of my pictures of him to Brian and mentioned Jeter. Lol

              hermansmama, Leeloo was being SO uncooperative for this! I couldn't get her to fire, and then she was all over the place lol I really can't wait for her to grow up, I know she'll be a stunner... I have to say though that I think I'm most intrigued and can't wait to see how my red male from AJD turns out. He has a good amount of cream already, these weird greenish/greyish spots that show up more when he fires. I just know he's going to turn out pink and creamy, and I can't wait to see him change.
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                Holy cow Lightning and Avox are stunning! Now excuse me while I wipe my drool off the computer screen...
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                  I am also one for Lightning + Jeter. I was thinking the same thing so I'm glad someone else sees the potential too lol!


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                    Heyyyy, I just finished whiping off the drool on my screen from Moxxi! I need a girl like her for Avox
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                      Really love your new additions, especially the top two! The pinning on the DD/Revolution gecko is super thick!


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                        I wish I could thank you possum and Sapphire, but I ran out of thanks! I might have to ask Brian about her. Here's the picture I posted on fb that someone sent to him. I didn't really think about her until then, but I was looking at his picture and hers... and they would make awesome babies.

                        Sapphire, I'm excited to see how she turns out! I'm hoping Starlix will get big floppy crests like her sire
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                          LOL Leelooo's third pic is hilarious, and that first geck is so FLOPPY! <3 Congrats on some amazing 'ckos!
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                            That first one is stunning, id love to have that one in my collection!! Congrats on that pick up.
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                              Love the little gargoyle

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